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The Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher believes that the practice of law is not just about legal and technical expertise – it is also about our clients. We are serious about being supportive to our clients – we listen to not only your physical and financial concerns, but your emotional ones as well. We will work with you to get the answers to your questions, and we work hard to obtain the results you deserve. We will personally keep you up to date and regularly communicate with you, as we knowledgeably guide your case through the legal process to conclusion.

Results – Cases of Interest

Cotton Gin Accident
Operator of cotton gin machine had arm cut off below elbow while cleaning machine.
Recovery: $2,000,000.00

Fall at K-Mart
90 year-old woman fell at K-Mart when she tripped over rolled up mat and fractured hip.
Recovery: $215,000.00

Serious Burn Injury
Welder suffered burns over 80% of his body.
Recovery: $7,100,000.00

Negligent Gun Shot injury
Client lost movement in his arm due to an accidental shooting.
Recovery: $5,200,000.00

Fall in Wheelchair
Woman fell out of a wheelchair in airport while being pushed by security aid.
Recovery: $250,000.00

Security Guard Injured
Security Guard at the theater suffered a broken hand when theater manager tripped over him.
Recovery: $75,000.00

Printing Press Accident
Worker injured arm when caught in printing press while cleaning the machine.
Recovery: $350,000.00

Auto Accident
Driver and passenger injured back as a result of an auto accident.
Recovery: $190,000.00

Fall Off Ladder
Workmen fell off ladder as a result of faulty construction.
Recovery: $190,000.00

Rear End Auto Accident
Worker rear ended police vehicle resulting in spinal surgery.
Recovery: $300,000.00

Motorcycle Accident
Intersection accident involving motorcyclist and automobile. No witnesses – dispute as to who ran the red light.
Recovery: $500,000.00

Really appreciate your hard work!

Knowing that my case was as complicated a situation as it was, I was happily surprised by the way you were able to use your experience, to turn things around, and get such a good end result. I am very grateful for everything you have done, and really appreciate your hard work!

Ryan Fitterer, Bakersfield, California

I was very emotional, and Barbara especially, along with the rest of your staff. made the whole process a lot easier to go through.

Being a victim of a dog attack, I needed to find a law firm that would support me throughout the entire process. You and your staff absolutely accomplished that, and more helpful than I ever could have imagined. At the end, not only did you get me what was fair, but more than what I expected. Thank you again, the outcome was positive in every way, shape and form. I would definitely refer anyone I know to you all. Richard, as you know, because of this traumatic event, I was very emotional, and Barbara especially, along with the rest of your staff. made the whole process a lot easier to go through.

Heather Boone, Palmdale, California

Now that my case has been settled

Now that my case has been settled, I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance. I will hold on to your business cards and I will definitely refer anyone who needs an attorney to assist them, to you

Noemi Gonzalez, Menifee, California

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! It is because of you and the rest of your team that makes me keep the faith that good and professional people do exist in this world, even during times like this. Once again, thank you for all the great service you have provided, it is truly appreciated.

Yervand Shagmirian, Van Nuys, California

Much gratitude to all in your law firm

Much gratitude to all in your law firm. I would recommend you... Thank you!

Alicia DelFoss, Thousand Oaks, California

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