Product Liability

The Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher is experienced in helping victims of products liability of all types in Southern California. Products liability deals with the liability of a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of a product for injuries resulting from defective or dangerous products.

Products Liability Explained

If a product is determined to be defective, this means that the product is unreasonably dangerous for its intended use. In many situations on a daily basis, you are faced with products that would be considered dangerous, such as a knife. While a knife constitutes as being a “dangerous” product, the law does not see it as “unreasonably” dangerous. But if the knife you are using has a blade that is shown to easily break under normal conditions, this could make it a defective product. You may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer or company selling the product if you have been injured due to a defect in that product.

Types of Defects

In Products Liability cases, there are generally three types of defects that would determine a product to be considered unreasonably dangerous. These include:

  • Design Defects – A flaw in the intended design of a product.
  • Manufacturing Defects – When the product does not conform to the specifications of the designer or manufacturer.
  • Marketing Defects – Improper product labels, insufficient instructions, or the failure to warn about a product’s hidden dangers.

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Our Expertise

The Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher handles a wide variety of Products Liability cases, including cases involving:

  • Defective machines and equipment
  • Unsafe car parts and motorcycle equipment
  • Dangerous workplace or household products
  • Pharmaceuticals that are found to be dangerous
  • Other types of products liability

We have a proven track record of success in dealing with products liability cases in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Successful Cases

The Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher has successfully handled numerous products liability cases throughout Southern California. Below is one example of a recent case which we successfully resolved:

  • Injury on Exercise Equipment: Man in Rancho Cucamonga, California using exercise machine, suffered a back Injury after he fell off machine as he was Inverted, due to the failure of the securing device.
    Recovery: $625,000