Personal Injury FAQs

Personal Injury

I was in a car accident. What do I do now?

First, while at the scene, make sure to exchange all information with the other party, including insurance information. Next, get the required medical attention. If you are in pain, make sure to go to a doctor, ER, urgent care, or any other medical provider as soon as possible. Ignoring post-accident symptomology will hurt the future of your health and your case. Third, open a claim with your auto insurance carrier and the other driver’s insurance carrier. Unfortunately, our experience is that more often than not, the insurance companies are not willing to resolve your case as fast or as amicable as you wish. As such, we suggest you consult with us as soon as possible. Remember, our consultations are free! Just email us your inquiry or call us at 800-995-3398.

Can you help me fix my car?

Yes. At Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher, we are ready to assist you with all parts of your case, including receiving just compensation for any and all property damage, be it a car or other personal property. We do not take a fee out of any resolution of your property damage claim.

How much will this cost me? When do I pay you?

We work on contingency fee only, meaning that we do not get paid until you win. Upon resolution of your case, we collect an agreed upon percentage of your recovery which is in-line with other Southern California lawyers specializing in personal injury matters.  There are no hidden fees and no up-front costs.

If I lose my case, do I have to reimburse you?

No. We do not get paid until your case is successfully resolved (you win through either a settlement or a trial). If there is no recovery, you will not owe our firm any money for fees or costs.

Are there any time limits for filing my claim?

Yes! To each claim, there is an applicable statute of limitations. That’s why we recommend you act fast and consult with an attorney as to your rights. Remember, our consultations are free! Just email us your inquiry or call us at 800-995-3398.

Can you help me find a doctor I can treat with?

Yes! Whether you do or do not have medical insurance, at Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher, we will be able to connect you to any medical specialist, in the geographical region of your preference, for an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Can I still make a claim even though my health insurance paid all my medical bills?

Yes. Even if your medical bills are already paid, you are entitled to the full value of the medical treatment you received, meaning the actual cost of treatment and not just your co-pays or deductibles. At Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher, we are fully equipped to ensure that you receive that and other reimbursement you deserve, for all the loss you suffered in an accident.

What am I entitled to recover?

Your recovery is largely dependent on the type of case, its facts, and the damages you suffered in and from the accident. If you sustained an injury requiring medical attention, you may recover past and future cost of your medical treatment and care. You may also be entitled to any past loss of earnings, and any future loss of your earning capacity, as well as property damage. Last but not least, they would also be entitled to “pain and suffering”, meaning damages for any emotional loss, psychological trauma, anxiety, grief, or distress associated with an accident.

Will my case receive personal attention?

Yes. At Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher, we are dedicated to taking care of each client on individual basis. Just as no two accidents are the same, no two clients are ever the same. What you might need or what might work for you as a resolution of your case might not be fit for others. As such, your own needs and goals are our main focus, around which our lawyers and staff revolve. We ensure to stay in touch with you, keeping you updated on your case and tailoring our next legal move to your real-life needs and plans.

My child was injured in an accident as well. What about their case?

Typically, it is the parents or guardians of the child who bring a claim on the child’s behalf. At Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher, we are well experienced with cases involving injured children and are ready to handle the delicate issues and complexities of negotiating their successful resolution.

I was in an accident involving a county or a city employee. Can I sue them? Can I sue a government?

Dependent on facts of your case, yes. You may have a case against both the employee(s) and the governmental entity (whether it is a city, a county, or a state). The claim process involving governmental entities is very different from other claims and often requires quick attention of a skilled attorney. At Law Offices of Richard A. Fisher, we are readily equipped to handle this type of claims as we reach their successful resolutions on a regular basis. Please be aware that these types of claims have specific time limitations, imposed by California law. If you do not act fast, your claim may be barred by an applicable statute of limitations.