What is LACERA?

LACERA stands for Los Angeles County Employees’ Retirement Association. It is a separate legal entity from the County of Los Angeles and is comprised of a Board, some of whom are elected and others appointed.

Who can apply for a disability pension through LACERA?

To qualify for a service-connected disability retirement through LACERA, you must be found to be permanently disabled from performing your job duties, and the injury must be work related.

How do I know if I qualify or should apply for a disability pension?

In order to apply for a disability pension from LACERA, it must be the opinion of a doctor that you are no longer able to perform your job duties on a permanent basis. That doctor must complete the LACERA Physician Statement indicating that you are permanently incapacitated from the performance of your duties. Without a doctor to support the claim, an application cannot be filed with LACERA.

Once my doctor has completed the Physician’s Statement indicating that I cannot perform my job duties, when should I apply?

You should apply as soon as your doctor provides you with the completed the Physician’s Statement.

After I have applied for a disability pension with LACERA, how long does it take to complete the process?

Normally, it takes nine (9) months to one full year.

Do I need an attorney to apply for a disability retirement?

While an attorney is not necessary, an attorney can improve the chances of success by presenting the case in the most accurate and complete manner. It is very important that the workers’ compensation claim is coordinated with the disability retirement application.

If I hire an attorney, how much does it cost?

Attorney’s fees vary depending upon the case; but generally, our firm charges $1,000.00 retainer fee at the application level, and $4,000.00 on a contingency basis if successful in obtaining a disability retirement.