Damaris Shreve

Damaris Shreve is a workers’ compensation hearing representative with over 30 years of experience managing workers’ compensation claims for injured workers. Ms. Shreve makes sure each claim in our office receives the attention it deserves, from the initial contact with the injured worker through the settlement of the claim. Damaris communicates with insurance companies, defense attorneys, gathers medical evidence, oversees medical treatment, and makes sure that our clients’ questions are answered promptly and efficiently.  Damaris is very knowledgeable about the special benefits available to public entity employees and safety officers.

When the case is ready to settle, Damaris makes sure that the file is complete and ready for settlement to maximize our clients’ recovery. In addition to her exceptional administrative skills and experience, Damaris also serves as a hearing representative, meeting with opposing counsel as part of the worker’s compensation settlement process. Ms. Shreve is highly regarded and respected throughout the Southern California workers’ compensation legal community for her thorough advocacy on behalf of injured workers.

Damaris is fluent in Spanish.  She accepts inquiries at damaris@rfisherlaw.com.